It’s a bit difficult to believe that Caesar had no idea about the plot against him. Intelligence was critical for survival in ancient Rome, especially given that there was no police force: order was kept by strength and to wield that, one required knowledge.

Why Caesar went willingly is key to one of the missions in Ides of March (Time Patrol) which is free today, 12/1, through Tuesday, 12/3. One thing I learned researching this mission was that Cleopatra was actually in Rome at the time, actually outside the city, staying at one of Caesar’s houses.

The other missions off a slice of history across the ages:

On the Ides in 1783 George Washington stopped a mutiny among his officers. This mission, which appeared straightforward turned out to be a bit more complicated for the Time Patrol agent assigned it, Eagle.

Columbus returned from the New World on the Ides, in 1493. He brought back more than just news. Stopping what he brought back is Mac’s mission.

On the Ides in 1917, the Last Tsar formally abdicated. This is one of the most significant events in modern history. What if he hadn’t? This is Doc’s mission.

We’re one week out from the release of Walk on the Wild Side and I’m already well into the follow on Will Kane, Green Beret book: Hell of a Town. I’ve scheduled it for release in June, but hope to have it out earlier. In between, will be another Area 51 title: Earth Abides. And later in 2020 I plan on the fourth book in the Duty, Honor, Country series, tentatively titled: Shiloh.

Nothing but good times ahead!