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The Area Study Workbook is a companion guide to the Green Beret Preparation and Survival Guide. It walks you through understanding your personal situation so you can fine tune your preparation and survival knowledge.


“The best preparation guide available, bar none. A must-have for anyone concerned about man-made and natural disasters. Mayer points out that preparation is key and he walks the reader through it, each section building on the one before. From page one, I felt more prepared. Get it!” Assembly Magazine.


This book is a companion to the Preparation and Survival Guide. It’s a workbook that let’s you know exactly what you need to prepare for and survive.

It requires work, but it’s well worth it.

This book will give you focus and help you prioritize your preparation.

Do it like the professionals. In the Green Berets, an Area Study was the first thing we did before going to any Area of Operations. Everyone’s situation is different. We’re different individuals. We have varying households and situations. We live in unique places with varying climates, terrain, and possible natural and man-made disasters. Thus, before we begin to ‘prepare’, we must know what we’re preparing for and what we’re working with.

By doing a good Area Study, you save time and money because you’ve focused on your priorities. You need to know your assets and your threats. You also have to get the right supplies, training, and gear for your specific situation.

Filling out the workbook with your family can be a fun experience, by seeing your home and the world around you with a different and uique perspective.

This step-by-step workbook shows you how to evaluate yourself, the people around you, your work, your school and your Area of Operations. it is the precursor to any serious preparation and a companion to The Green Beret Preparation and Survival Guide.


Special Operations Forces are the most elite and flexible units in the world. Green Berets, Navy SEALs, Rangers, Nightstalkers, Special Operations Wing: these are the warriors trained to perform beyond the ordinary and to make the impossible, possible. The author, a former Green Beret, takes you inside their shadowy world, laying out their history and lineage. More importantly, he delves into the mindset and training that makes them special. He gives strategic and tactical templates you can apply to yourself and your team. He uses narrative examples, both factual and fictional to illustrate his points.


Green Berets are “Masters of Chaos.” What makes us elite is our planning. We prepare not only for the mission but for all the things that could go wrong. We worst-case scenarios in order to prevent them from happening, and being prepared if, despite our best efforts, they do occur. It is a unique mindset that is the hallmark of the Quiet Professionals.

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