We love heroes. We love bravery. Reality? Not so much.

Will is a movie set in Antwerp in 1942. It’s in Flemish, so subtitles are a must, although for a brief while I watched in the dubbed English and will say it’s the best dubbing job I’ve seen (I usually hate it and prefer the original language with subtitles). Wil is the protagonist, a young man starting his first day as a police officer in the city.

There is a slight problem and that is that the city is occupied by the Germans who actually rule.

The story starts fast, with the young rookies getting a briefing by their watch commander who makes them sing a childhood song that essentially says “Watch, but do nothing.”

It’s good advice because right away Will and his partner Matteo got corralled by a lone German to shake down some Jews and eventually take the couple and their young daughter in. On the way, bad things happen and things spiral out of control for the rest of the movie.

Stark choices are faced: loyalty or saving yourself and your family? In most fiction, the hero rises to the occasion and manages to save themselves and others.

Reality? You have to watch the movie. There are indeed moments of bravery. Of decency.

I’m torn about recommending this movie. I think it should be watched as our country spirals into hatred and bigotry and violence. Many people are being tested as to their values and frankly, most are failing. They are afraid of the mob. I’ve noted that when I even mention facts that some don’t believe in, I am viciously attacked, cursed at and called names. There is no reasoning. It is angry and hatred. I hope it doesn’t explode, but as we saw on 6 January several years ago, it can. Because there are those who profit from it and there are evil people in the world.

Why not watch it? It will trouble you. But I think that’s what some good stories do. They trouble you and make you think.