I wrote this post before the recent coup attempt in Washington, but it’s all still true. Even more so.

Time to be blunt. The official number of COVID-19 deaths today is over 336,000. 3,725 Americans died yesterday. This in a country that tore the world apart over a lesser number on a single day” 9-11. But it’s a daily occurrence now and getting higher. People are dying outside hospitals because there’s no room for them. And it’s not just COVID-19 people. Don’t you dare have a heart attack or a car accident or a stroke now. You’re fucked.

The reality is that it’s much higher for several reasons: many die alone and are never autopsied and added to the total. They die alone because they have no health care plan and don’t think they can afford to go to the doctor, never mind the emergency room. That they can ride it out, but once your blood oxygen level gets too low, it’s too late.

Secondary deaths will never be known but that’s all the people who’ve canceled check-ups and going to the doctor out of caution and will develop fatal health problems that could have been treated if caught by a blood test, an MRI, an x-ray, etc. Those will eventually number in the hundreds of thousands and last years. Los Angeles is now having EMS personnel triage people even before getting in the hospital. How many are dying?

There has never been a coordinated federal response to COVID-19 from the very start. In fact, the federal government from the highest levels worked to obfuscate and downplay the threat. We were blatantly lied to. We know that because there are audio recordings of it. It’s as if we refuse to believe the rock-solid evidence. Then the president foisted responsibility onto the states, as if a virus knows state’s borders. He literally said he took no responsibility. The buck doesn’t stop there- it gets pocketed there. Not only did he pass it to the states, he then undertook a public attack to undermine the efforts of governors to try to contain the virus.

Already there are millions of Americans who don’t believe the above. Who don’t believe masks help. Who think COVID-19 is no worse than the flu. Who think the numbers are inflated for various reasons. When all facts point to the obvious, they stick to their dogma, egged on by propaganda outlets that make money off them and even an administration that’s currently fleecing them. Those are facts which I no longer bother to argue with those who deny them.

Watch what they do, not what they say. I see members of Congress still whining about lockdowns and masks, but who were first in line to get vaccinations. Members of congress who got privately briefed on the severity, did nothing to help their constituents but invested in companies that made body bags to make a buck of our deaths.

From the beginning I’ve been attacked because people think I’m being political. If being an American who cares about democracy is political, then I am. We have a crime syndicate running this country that doesn’t give a damn about us. And we’ve let it happen. It’s ongoing.

Even the vaccine rollout is botched. It’s estimated at least 40,000 more of us, are going to die because of errors already made. They had a year to plan this and are fucking it up because instead of letting experts run it, they dole out appointments to supplicants and sycophants. In fact, we have a huge movement in this country that denigrates experts. I’d like those people to stop using all the things experts made for them like their cell phones and the internet. You know, stop using all the results of science if you don’t believe in it. They stand on the back of experts, while deriding them. They traveled on Thanksgiving and Xmas because they were special. Some die still not believing that what the experts warned them about is killing them.

“We are not — and will not — be the subjects of an elite class of so-called experts,” she told a national TV audience. “We the people are the government.” Governor Noem of South Dakota.

Are we?

We have a president openly enacting a coup. And we shrug. Oh well. That’s just Trump. Doing what was unthinkable just four years ago. And we let it go on. People claim to be patriots as the very foundations of our country are being jack-hammered by those who wrap themselves in the flag.

The level of incompetence will definitely kill at least half a million Americans, but it’s also the only thing that might give us a reprieve. Note, I say reprieve. A new administration is not a fix. Because the next guy, and there will be a next guy, or woman, will be smarter. Will see how Trump played this wrong, just as Trump, who met and listened to Nixon, learned who that man did it wrong.

I’ve been called a traitor, without honor, a liar, and worse by many. I’ve lost readers. It’s hurt my business, but others have lost their lives, so it’s not a hard price to pay. I do what I can. I’m on day 305 of my pandemic blog. From the start I put out information designed to help. Feel free to us it.  Free survival slideshows HERE. Sign up for my newsletter HERE which I send out at most once a month, but always includes links to free books. I will be giving away The Green Pocket Sized Survival Guide next week via the newsletter.

Stay safe. Look out for yourselves and, as loyal Americans, look out for your neighbors. Remember, most people are good people.