I have to be honest; I fast-forwarded through a good portion of this. Amazon and Netflix put out a lot of movies and they often have the most intriguing one-liners or premises, then are done on what is obviously a shoe-string budget.

Tomorrow War wasn’t done on a shoestring budget but it was unevenly made. There were times, as a writer, I saw threads develop, that never delivered.

The premise is intriguing: people from 2050 are coming back and recruiting people from our time to fight in their timeline. However, thinking on that, my next thought is: really? That’s the best use you can make of time travel? Cannon fodder?

Another gripe? Much like the awful Starship Troopers, it seems we can’t make tanks any more. Yes, they had F-35 jets and fancy guns, but no tanks? I mean tankers call Infantry “crunchies”. Seems these Whitespikes were crunchable.

Any time travel story has to have holes in it. I always like Bruce Willis explaining time travel to his younger self in Loopers. In my time travel series, I just have it happen. I handle the paradoxes by having the mantra that history has to stay the same. That’s the mission of the Time Patrol.

Here, the future doesn’t seem to want to change their own past so they are better prepared for their present problem. They just want bodies who are told literally that they need no training. Just grab a gun and go. Huh? Pretty much up there with the opening of Enemy at the Gate where every other man gets the gun, then the other guy scavenges off the dead.

Kudoes to Sam Richardson who was wonderful in Veep. He added a great sense of humor to it all, although, again, his background opened up a thread that just died. I really got the sense that the original screenplay was different and got mangled in production.

I was really hoping Tunguska would be the source of the problem, but no, something else. And the way the current powers-that-be shrugged off the problem once the time machine was gone seemed weird. Of course, we’re shrugging off Climate Change as the Pacific Northwest burns, the Southwest is in an epic drought and the Gulf of Mexico is on fire, so, yeah. Probably true.

It was mildly entertaining but nowhere near as good as Edge of Tomorrow.