Survival Guide

In addition to the usual permanently free titles.

The Green Beret Preparation and Survival Guide is discounted to .99 or Kindle Unlimited.

Today, Psychic Warrior and Area 51: Interstellar are free. The latter is the first time it’s ever been free.

3 other Area 51 titles are discounted to .99 or Kindle Unlimited.

Dragon Sim-13 (Green Berets) and Equinox (Time Patrol) are also discounted to .99 or Kindle Unlimited.

Shane and the Hitwoman is still in Prime Reading.

New York City’s Little Black Book: Secrets, History, and Trivia of the World’s Greatest City will be out next week on the 27th! I really like all the trivia and interesting details in this book.

New York City

And fall is here. A few leaves have dropped. The nights are bit cooler. Nothing but good times ahead!

Stay safe and stay cool!

Bob & Scout & Maggie