History of Time Travel

This is a short movie, slightly over an hour, that is fiction presented as a documentary.

It is, frankly, quite brilliant.

It is one of those movies you’re either going to love for what it does, or hate and think it’s nonsense. As a writer, I would rather have someone hate my book than not care about it. Because, like a relationship, you want to evoke strong emotion, not apathy. I’ve written a Time Patrol series so I understand the travails of trying to delve into this subject. My take was that a Time Patrol’s primary mission is to keep our history exactly as it was, for a very simple reason: as flawed as things are, we’re still here.

It starts off exactly as what it says: a documentary about the history of time travel. It does a good job having an expert quickly discussing the various theories of time travel and the paradoxes. Then on to the key man who invented. We learned about his wife and his family. All of this is done through interviews with experts and a family friend.

You have to watch carefully, though as the documentary unfolds and things start to change. I love when the medium of the story actually is the story. That’s the case here. The documentary form never changes but the story does.

I don’t want to give away too much. I highly recommend it as a film that will get you thinking.