With over two million copies sold, the Green Beret series was my first and closest to me. I wrote six initially featuring Dave Riley, starting with Eyes of the Hammer (free on all ebook platforms) through Z: Final Countdown. Then I was into my Area 51 series. I went back to the Green Berets with Chasing the Ghost, one of my favorites, featuring Horace Chase. Dave Riley is in the background in that book but moves into the story by the 9th and last one published: Chasing the Son (currently free through 21 April).

Now I’m revisiting the series with a vengeance this year. New York Minute could be considered a precursor, set in New York City in 1977. Dave Riley is 17 years old and makes an appearance but the focus is on Will Kane, an ex-Green Beret who is Riley’s older cousin. This comes out 24 June then Kane is back on 16 September in Lawyers, Guns and Money. Then I’ll leap back to the present with current day Dave Riley in Old Soldiers on 9 December.

Nothing but good times and lots of action ahead!