Nine Eleven (Time Patrol) is free until the 12th. Each of my Time Patrol books consists of six mission on the same day in different years. While the most significant 9-11 year is 2001, there is a mission that year, but it has nothing to do with events in the United States as I felt it wasn’t a subject I felt qualified to tackle. Instead the 9-11-2001 mission is based on a real event (as they all are) where on that day, in an intriguing coincidence, a Russian cargo plane set an altitude/weight world record.

Here’s Cool Gus’ time travel take on it:

The Staten Island Peace Conference in 1776 is a little known event, but could have ended the Revolution, and not favorably as the British had just knocked Washington off of Long Island and New York.

There is also the Mountain Meadows Massacre in 1857, another little known event.

The Chilean Coup is a shameful episode in our history, but bears scrutiny.

The Battle of the Teutoberg Forest has always interested me since is stopped the Roman Empire east of the Rhine.

All in all, this book covers a lot of history and its the Time Patrols job to keep our timeline intact!

Enjoy this free read.

Additionally, Lawyers Guns and Money is live in paperback. Also in ebook on Nook, Kobo and Apple Books, but only from today, 9/9 through 9/11. So if you read on those platforms, this is your only chance to grab it there, before it will be pulled and go exclusive in ebook on Amazon starting on Monday 9/16. The audiobook is processing and should be live on Monday the 16th. Advance reader feedback is even more positive than New York Minute, so I’m psyched for this new Will Kane novel even as I finish the next, Walk on the Wild Side.

Nothing but times ahead! As you can tell, Cool Gus is enthralled!