Live today on all eBook platforms, in print and audiobook, New York Minute, introducing my newest and most intriguing character, Will Kane. While it’s technically book 10 in the Green Beret series, it stands on its own as a precursor to that series and is set in 1977. Kane is a West Point grad, Special Forces veteran, now trying to make his way in the civilian. A man with deadly skills who’d prefer to leave them in his past but circumstances dictate otherwise. A slow burn book, because it’s not easy for Kane to be pushed into action, but once he is . . .

Less than 90 days from now, the second book featuring Kane, flowing out of the ending of New York Minute is Lawyers, Guns and Money. It is live for eBook pre-order. And 90 days after that will be the third Will Kane novel: Walk on the Wild Side.

In memory of the debacle at Little Big Horn 143 years ago, Stuff Doesn’t Just Happen: The Gift of Failure I is free today (6/24) and tomorrow (6/25). The story of how that terrible event unfolded is one of the seven events covered in the book, along with how Titanic’s sinking evolved, what happened to the Donner Party and four other events.

Cool Gus is still in his cone as he constantly manages to shake it off; sometimes with Scout’s help. He’ll get healed, it just takes him a while. Meanwhile, he’s taking a lot of naps.

Nothing but good times ahead and I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!