Eyes of the Hammer

Eyes of the Hammer. The Green Berets

Idea behind the story: Who can you really trust when operating in the covert world?

Story: What if Special Forces soldiers have to destroy drug trafficking plants in Colombia?

This was my first book published, but not the first one I wrote. That’s typical in traditional publishing. The learning curve is steep to get successfully published.

It introduces Dave Riley, the hero of my first six Green Beret books. Riley is Irish/Puerto Rican from the Bronx which has resonance in my own extended family.

The germ of the idea was an actual mission called Task Force 6. This is where Special Forces soldiers were detailed to ‘surveil’ the southern border. In order not to break the law, the mission was cloaked in a lot of BS, but essentially they were there as part of the ‘war on drugs’. Special Forces has a long history in Central and South America. In Inside Delta Force, there’s an interesting anecdote about how a fight against guerillas ended with SF advisors on both sides.

The movie Sicario was very realistic and portrayed the reality of the shadowy world of covert operations. I thought it was very well done and Benicio Del Toro and Emily Blunt were superb in their roles. They also had former Delta guys as their former selves in some scenes.

For Eyes of the Hammer I envisioned a scenario where an SF team was drawn into a mission to conduct payback (which was the original title, and better) for this book.

Aside—lesson learned. Tom Clancy had a similar story, but his was called Clear and Present Danger. Much better title.

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