Regardless of your feelings about Michael Moore, his latest movie is indeed a wake up call. As American battle each other over who is democrat and who is republican, the real war is being waged between Americans and the rich.

And the rich are laughing their ass off as we assault each other on social media, fall prey to manipulation, and slowly lose what we used to call the American Dream. That was American Greatness. Not racism, fear of immigrants, walls, taxes, etc.

Moore covers a variety of topics and, hard as it is to believe, this is not an anti-Trump tirade. See if you feel the same way about Obama after watching the part where he goes to Flint and pretends to drink water and flies away, leaving a town to slowly die.

When they opened up the line to the lake in Flint because GM’s parts were getting contaminated from the tainted water– but DIDN’T open it for drinking water for the people– that pretty much summed it up. I looked at my wife and said the only reason they wouldn’t do that is genocide. You might think that’s over the top, but frankly, who do you think is going to be hurt the most by all the deregulation of safety requirements? You think rich people are drinking municipal tap water?

Moore offers some beacons of light. The teacher strikes that started in West Virginia and spread across the country. The grass roots movements started by students; since this is the future for them and it’s not looking good at the moment.

Having lived many places in this country, I truly believe the vast majority of Americans are good, decent people. Who help each other. Who care about their families, their friends and those in need. We have to stop being manipulated by the tiny percentage at each end of the spectrum who play upon our fears, foster our anger and make us anything but good people.

I highly recommend everyone watch this film and generate your own thoughts and feelings.