The diagram seems to suggest the curve is flattening, which would be good news. The reality is testing is so poor in terms of numbers, it pretty much means nothing. The military admitted today to the Senate they can’t test enough. Governors of various states are desperately trying to get their own tests as the federal government has not followed through on any of the boasts about number of tests that have been made.

The term per capita needs to be explained to someone, but then you’d have to get into math and then who knows?

I’ve been studying the news that’s available and have to admit I’m confused. Lots of conflicting information. This virus is hitting some people in very strange ways: not just the lungs, but the heart, the brain and now we’re learning its forming blood clots.

I have to leave the house tomorrow and go to the eye doctor for my follow up and am not thrilled about it. Especially since he’s been seeing people since this started. I have a N100 mask, but will wear a regular surgical mask, even though the N100 is safer for me. The reason? The N100 has an exhale which means it doesn’t do anything about my breathing out. Out of respect for the nurse, doctor and others there, I’ll wear the other mask that limits their exposure to me. Even though I know I’m okay because I’m anti-social anyway.

What’s not debatable is that the official count is over 47,000 dead. Almost double in a week yet we hear all this talk of “re-opening”. Once more, I must be missing something.

On the other side, most Americans believe we need to maintain social distancing, regardless of the economic impact. It’s hard to worry about money when you’re dead.

I’m noticing people fraying and getting more irritable. I do fear that there will be a violent event, either at one of these propaganda rallies or just randomly. I’ve noticed people snipping at benign comments I’ve made on social media (even at Snoopy!).

I understand some of it—there are people who will reject almost anything initially. My wife says I’m a contrarian but I have to disagree with her. However, I do see it creeping it up a bit more. So we all need a bit more patience and its best not to respond, especially to people who have the crazy eyes. We’ve all met them.

Stay safe. Stay positive. Be like Cool Gus. Or even Scout.

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