Tennessee is #1. Yay! 1 out of every 100 people are infected with active COVID. Here in Knoxville, where we live, we have a bunch of hospitals, including UT’s large medical center. There are zero ICU beds available. So don’t even think about having a heart attack, or a stroke, or getting in an accident, because dickheads who couldn’t be bothered to wear a mask or socially distance are taking that bed.

That sounds rough, and yes, I know there are infected people who took precautions, but let’s be real. I’ve got eyes. I see the people gathering on boats, in the parks, at churches that somehow are still open. All the family gatherings at Thanksgiving, because, God forbid, they can’t do without. They’re special. Lots of grandparents had their last Thanksgiving this year and it wasn’t necessary.

Our First Amendment right not to wear masks!” someone yelled the other day. Huh? I love the Constitutional Scholars who’ve never read it. Who had no problem when the President actually violated the First Amendment for a photo op.

I look back to my first posts, starting 279 days ago. All the naysayers and name-callers. Telling me I was full of shit; insulting me; offering spurious data. Many of them are still saying the same. That it’s no worse than the flu. That masks don’t work. The numbers say without doubt they were and are wrong. And it’s going to get worse, even as we roll out vaccines, which many of the same idiots are doubting.

We don’t have zero leadership in Washington. We have negative leadership. We’ve NEVER had a federal response to COVID-19. Per capita we lead the first world in mortality rate.

Here in TN, the governor has consistently fought mandating masks. In Florida, the governor has been hiding the real data. They are murderers. Don’t wear your mask? Complicit.

We’re in the home stretch, which is actually going to take six months or more. But don’t lose it now. Stay safe. Wear your mask. Socially distance. Don’t be around crowds. Yeah, the holidays are going to suck, but at least you are still breathing. COVID is a bad, bad way to die.

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