Only 2 of 50 states are not in red condition for COVID-19.

We’ve had almost a complete year to deal with this virus and have failed completely. We’ve worse than failed. Many Americans, including key leaders, still insist there is no real problem. The deadliest place on the planet for COVID right now is South Dakota whose governor still insists that masks are intrusive and nothing should be locked down.

We’re still short PPE. Seriously. Looking up the definition of negligent homicide, there is no doubt that starting from the top and moving down, there are numerous people in this administration who would be found guilty by any reasonable jury. 2,000 Americans die a day and the President golfs and undermines the pillars of democracy with ludicrous claims of election fraud. In case anyone forgot he claimed the election in 2016 was a fraud—until he won it.

I saw someone complaining on social media how mandates are restrictive and tyranny and I wondered if they felt the same way about speed limits? Even the Pope disagreed with the Supreme Court ruling on religious gatherings.

We will soon be seeing 3,000 die a day—an entire 9-11 every single day. The vaccine might start rolling out in mid-December but we will not see enough vaccinations for at least six months to make a difference. Hospitals are at the breaking point and we will see heart-breaking triages in December and January as we get hit with the Thanksgiving surge. People are dying because they wanted to out to a bar. Right now. In the time you took to read this, a couple of people have died and those deaths were most likely preventable.

Once more: wear a mask. Stay away from crowded places, especially indoors. Get take out if you need to have restaurant food.

Stay safe!

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