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To prevent choking and suffocation

There’s a reason certain toys are designated for certain ages. What a child can put in their mouth, they will put in their mouth.

When putting babies to sleep make sure there is nothing around them that can cause suffocation.

Watch children during meals. Do they know how to chew properly before swallowing? Cut up food for younger children into bite-sized portions. Stay away from hard candy and foods that can obstruct the airway.

Put trash bags and other plastic bags in places where children can’t get to them. The same with the plastic bag that comes back from the dry-cleaners.

Secure batteries, particularly button batteries, from children.

Task Eight

Mild: Choking/Suffocation Prevention Checklist

Keep small toys, items out of reach of toddlers

Clear sleeping areas for babies from all possible items that could smother them

Keep trash bags and plastic bags out of reach of children

Keep batteries, especially button batteries, out of reach of children

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