The United States just set a record for daily deaths from COVID-19 and people didn’t even blink. The president publicly announced he is destroying the postal service in order to help his re-election and the Senate went home for three weeks; without passing any stimulus package since their rich friends have already been paid off in the greatest heist in American history to the tune of half a trillion dollars to their buddies.

On a more fundamental level, the base of society is crumbling. People are being evicted and going bankrupt at record levels but all we hear about is the stock market. I went into a Target for the first time since this began and immediately noticed that there were many, many empty shelves. I’ve noticed them in grocery stores in certain food items. But Target? That tells me that non-essentials other than food aren’t shipping. The supply chain is collapsing and no one is talking about it.

As I write this, the president is blatantly breaking another law by campaigning from inside the White House. He, and his staff, have broken this law numerous times. They’ve broken many other laws.

I have no doubt that on election day or shortly thereafter, a warehouse full of real mail ballots filled out for Joe Biden will be “discovered” and the president will declare all mail ballots void. Just now he said that it’s “easy for Russia, China, North Korea and Iran” to do that. Which it isn’t. But it is for his operatives. He repeats the same outright lies over and over—because, as he wrote in his book, if you tell a lie enough times, people will believe. He’s told the same lie about Veterans Choice over 100 times and when confronted ran away. He keeps calling it the 1917 pandemic because he said it once, and he can never, never, change anything he said and admit he was wrong, even about something as trivial as mixing up a date. In a pandemic his own grandfather died in. But it did end World War II.

Underlying it all is a rising tide of anger, fear and desperation. Billionaires have increased their net worth during the pandemic. Think on that. Why do we even have one billionaire? Because they’ve rigged the system in their favor. It’s not democracy or even capitalism.

What they don’t seem to understand, though, is that when the base crumbles, everything on top goes with it. And the base is crumbling right now and no one at the top seems concerned.

They should be.

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