Yep, that’s a lot.

To start with the Green Beret Pocket Sized Survival Guide is free on kindle today and through Saturday. Other book deals are Eternity Base of the Green Beret series free, and Equinox (Time Patrol) discounted.

The first two books of the Area 51 series are also discounted to .99 or free in Kindle Unlimited. Area 51: The Sphinx is also discounted. Why my publisher decided to skip Area 51: The Mission, I don’t know. But all of them are in Kindle Unlimited.

My next book published is next month: New York City Little Black Book 1:  Secrets, History, and Trivia of the World’s Greatest City

It’s full of things I learned growing up and more that I picked up on my research for the Will Kane series which takes place in the city. Lots of fascinating stuff. And yes, there will be another Will Kane. I’ve started Shelter from the Storm.

 Phoebe and the Traitor is coming out in November.  

For those who are interested, I’m clearing out a bunch of boxes of books. If you click on the box on this page, you’ll see a list with links to eBay. Many are previous versions of titles or with covers that I decided not to use. They all have buy not options that are pretty low. Everyone I ship will be signed and be one less book we’ll have to move, whenever we get around to doing that, hopefully some time near the end of the year. To where? We know not.

In a few months, I hope to have an exciting announcement on a project I’ve been working on for the past several months. I’ll announce as soon as I am able to.

I hope everyone is surviving the heat. I am definitely looking forward to the fall!

Stay safe and enjoy!