Understanding and empathy is the path forward for mankind and this documentary made by a Syrian woman about their life in Aleppo over five years is a step in the right direction. It is available for free on Youtube (link below) via PBS. I’ve found Frontline to be one of the best sources of in-depth information on many, many issues. This is about much, much more than Syria. It’s about basic humanity and bravery.

Having deployed many places around the world, and living numerous places, including overseas, I’ve found that people tend to be ethnocentric. Troubles “somewhere else” are on the horizon and most people are confident that “it can’t happen to us”.

It can. One of the hardest deployments we had in 10th Special Forces was Eastern Europe were we witnessed the results of religious and ethnic cleansing where neighbor turned against neighbor. People who had been living peacefully next to each other for generations killed each other. Why? Because the rule of law was tested, then broken.

This documentary also touches on immigrants. We are a country of immigrants who are now turning our backs on what made us. Immigrants are fresh blood to renew our country. Our fear, hatred and anger will destroy us unless we can rise above all of it. Here is the trailer:

Most of all this is a human story of perseverance in the face of adversity. If it doesn’t move you to tears at times; well I don’t know what to say. I’ve seen terrible things in person; this film shows terrible things on camera. I do warn you there are very graphic scenes. But also very inspiring ones.

Here is the link to the entire film on Youtube: