Many people consider the two the same, but I don’t. One is inward oriented, the other outward.

At West Point we had to memorize quite a bit of ‘trivia’ otherwise known as Plebe Poop, which is self-explanatory. One bothered me a lot: In 60 major battles of the Civil War, West Pointers commanded both sides in 55 and one side in the other 5. It made me wonder how men who’d sworn an oath to the Constitution, the same one I did in the same place I did on the Plain at West Point, went against that oath?

The Civil War has always fascinated me. I’ve walked many of the battlefields. Wrote the Gettysburg Staff Walk for the JFK Special Warfare Center, read many books on it.

It was inevitable then that I ended up writing a book, actually, three about West Point and the Civil War. The first book, Duty, is free on all eBook platforms. I do plan on getting back to the series and pushing further into the war, but it starts at West Point in 1842. Here is a slideshow overview: