At times in Special Operations where we’d run into guys from other units and when we were alone we’d ask them if they were doing this high speed thing or that which we’d heard rumors of. And they would say they’d heard WE were doing it. Yeah. Scary.

I used to wonder who was in the black helicopters until one day I looked out the door (there was no door– I should say where the door was supposed to be) the Little Bird I was in and realized ’twas I. Even more scary. But don’t you try to infiltrate Area 51? I already covered that.

Anyway, I was thinking about that and an idea was born out of my dark and devious mind: what if there are things really out of the ordinary that exist? Who handles that? The pitch line was The Unit meets Warehouse 13.

So I invented the Nightstalkers. Don’t jump on me about who the official Nightstalkers are– remember I was in that black helicopter. Actually, I remember when TF-160 was formed and worked with the founders. Also, I watched every episode of Kolchak the Nightstalker. So there.

Anywho. A video of who the Nightstalkers are. Because the books are only .99 this month!