First off, if it had worked, many of the big problems in our Constitution that had to be incorporated to allow slavery wouldn’t exist and our present would be much different.

But the bigger question is this: would the one for Independence then have even been passed by the slave-holding colonies?

That’s the issue confronting Doc, a member of the Time Patrol when he goes back to 4 July 1776. It’s one of six mission in Independence Day (Time Patrol), which is free 27-29 January on Kindle and in Kindle Unlimited all the time.

The other missions on that day are:

The Battle of Mantinea, Greece 362 BC. What if Sparta won?

Monticello and Jefferson dying, 1826. What secrets does he have?

Gettysburg, 1863, the day after Pickett’s Charge. What if the Union counterattacks?

Entebbe, 1976. What if the Israeli raid fails?

Vicksburg, 1863 and what if the surrender to Grant goes horribly wrong?

For more information, here’s a slideshow: