I hope the New Year finds you well and safe. To welcome in 2022, I’ve put together some new deals and also have new timely, titles on the horizon.

New York Minute, the first book in the Will Kane Green Beret series is free today and tomorrow (3 and 4 Jan).

Independence Day (Time Patrol) is also free through 7 January. It has one of my favorite Time Patrol mission with Roland going back to 4 July 1863, the day after Pickett’s charge at Gettysburg where he has to make sure the Union doesn’t launch what could be a catastrophic counterattack. If you’ve consider audiobooks, that entire mission is free to listen to on Soundcloud HERE.

Three Special Operations thrillers in one is discounted to $3.99. It’s also in Kindle Unlimited so you can download it to count as only one title against your ten limit.

Four books in the Area 51 series: Excalibur, Truth, Legend and Nosferatu are only .99 this month.

Given events I am finally finishing up a project I’ve been working on for a while: The Green Beret Area Study Workbook. It’s a companion to the Green Beret Preparation and Survival Guide as it walks you through in detail how to do an Area Study in detail.

As part of that, I just put together a free slideshow on the basic things you should do now to get ready to a basic level. As many learned recently in the fire in Colorado, disaster can strike quickly and in a devastating manner. That fire burned through just to the south of where we used to live, starting the open space where we used to take our daily walks. So here is what you should do now.

Basic Disaster Preparation for All of Us

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Stay safe and enjoy the New Year!