From the title, which could be Us, as in all of us, or US, as in the country, everything in this brilliant movie by Jordan Peele resonates with deeper meaning.

When we watched Key and Peele we were always impressed not only with the insightful humor, but the excellent production of the skits. Both of those are hallmarks of this movie.

Some label the movie ‘horror’ but it is more a social commentary draped with some of the accouterments of horror. There are certainly very scary moments that will make you shiver, there are also funny moments. There is a shocking twist at the end that was telegraphed widely but not seen, the way the best ones are.

What Peele does with the movie makes a profound social commentary about our country. I won’t preach– watch the movie and come up with your own take.

Everything from the gloves the Tethered wore, to the way the re-named Alexa (really Apple? You wouldn’t allow Alexa to be used?) responded to “call the police” made a powerful impact.

As a writer, I am in awe of the way he not only wrote it and filmed it, but also edited it.

Highly recommended!!