When I was in 10th Special Forces, we tried a program that was called Trojan Warrior. 2 A-Teams were chosen to participate in this, while my team took all the tests, but didn’t get the training, as the measuring mark.

Those teams were taught meditation, proper diet, biofeedback and more. They had sports experts come in to help train them, although the reality was we were in such great shape that the experts had a hard time keeping up with us. Martial arts were also included. It was an attempt to make an elite soldier even better. Conscious control of heartbeat and body temperature was one of the things worked on.

Years later, when thinking about Trojan Warrior, I took the concept another step and wrote two books, titled Psychic Warrior and Psychic Warrior: Project Aura. The basic idea was being able to project a solider into the virtual plane and then, reassemble them as an avatar at a remote point. I based his not only on what we were doing but also the Russians, who have always been much more interested in psychic abilities.

Here’s a brief overview: