Deep Water

Deep Water is based as a psychological, erotic thriller. Well, Hmm. It stars Ben Affleck as an older husband with a beautiful, younger wife who is, shall we say, lustful. She has affairs and Affleck kills the guys. That’s a brief summation and about all you need to know. It’s an extraordinarily slow movie with one of the worst endings. Ever watch victims so stupid they deserve to die? They’re all in this movie. Really. So there are rumors this guy kills his wife’s lovers, but you boink his wife anyway. And then when he invites you on a drive to the ‘gorge’ you go, ‘Sure, sounds like a fun outing!’

Or you suspect him and find him red-handed and hop in your car to escape and he only has a mountain bike and you’re like, okay, let’s be cool and get out of here? No, you drive as maniacally as Jack Nicholson wanting to get your ankles smashed and, well, enough said.

The kid was good. Actually, both kids were good and kind of an interesting observation.

But overall? Rewatch Last Seduction if you want a sexy thriller.

The TV series From suffers from a terrible title. I’m an expert on terrible titles. My sixth Green Beret book was titled Z.  Yes, just the letter. So that was worse, okay? Mea culpa.

It also brings to mind Lost. And since the star, Harold Perrineau, was in that show, along with other people affiliated with it, there are flashing red lights approaching this series about a town of trapped people who are attacked at night by horrible creatures.

Overall, it’s a good show. Perrineau is very good. The mystery sucks you in. There is some bad acting, or it could be badly written characters, especially the father of the latest family that gets trapped.

But the premise of what the town is, why these particular people from all over the country are there, and who the creatures are, holds promise. The final two episodes of the season are coming up and hopefully releases a bit more information. At least we can hope they’re all not dead, aka, Lost.

There are some great twists and unexpected things, which are always good. I don’t want to do spoilers, but I would recommend it.

Snowpiercer has had its ups and downs. The dream episode was really cheesy and felt like filler. Melanie’s return might have been over the top (what was going on with her disappearance, like in the real world?), but it worked because of what she does after she comes back. Also, how they handled Wilford was excellent.

They certainly pack a lot into one train, no matter how many cars long it is. I took the subway to high school in the Bronx so I’m a little cynical about trains. And they predict having the California high speed rail line down by 2090 or so, so I wonder about all this massive track going all around the world, because I’m a guy who wonders, but if you accept the premise, well, okay.

Every time I look at Jennifer Connelly I have to remind myself she was the seductress in Mulholland Falls. Like two different people.

This season ended on a nice note with a bit of suspense, so I am looking forward to the next. I recommend binging it.