The Tourist

The six episode series, The Tourist, on HBO Max starts with a trope: a man is in an accident and when he recovers, can’t remember who he is.

Of course, the mystery starts when we see the accident is actually someone trying to kill him with an 18-wheeler and running him off the road. Who is that? Why are they trying to kill him?

Set in the  Australian outback, this is a search by the no-name protagonist to find out who he is and why people are trying to kill him. Jamie Dorman stars as the unlucky man who peels back layers on this mystery to discover who he is.

Without giving spoilers, suffice it to say by the time you get to the sixth episode, things are extremely complex with almost no one being who they appear to be. The backstory is hard with every little detail you have seen being significant. It might be too complicated, but not if you sit and think about it.

The ending leaves a question mark, but not really if you think back through what the entire story has been questioning: can a person change no matter what terrible things they have done? Can they be redeemed?

The story is well done with some stunning twists. Every character has a strong backstory and is evocative.

Highly recommended.