I recently noticed the Secretary of State weighing in on his review of a movie. Which is odd, to say the least.

I watched The Report and yes, it is fiction. Thus, why is he weighing in on it? Doesn’t he have more important things to do?

It’s also odd since his boss, the President HAS called our “intelligence warriors” a slew of negative names and smeared them and that is not fiction. That’s reality. Yet not a word from Pompeo. The president has also smeared patriots working for Pompeo and not a single tweet or word of defense of people he is supposed to be leading and is responsible for.

It is definitely not leadership.

I can only assume that after I graduated West Point, the leadership standards were in the toilet, although Pompeo graduated 1st in his class, which is also amazing.

This isn’t political. This is practical. The CIA conducted a campaign of torture that was if not illegal (yes, they danced around the legality of it) but most definitely immoral and violated the norms for which this country is supposed to stand. The torture has not kept us safe. Every experienced interrogator could have told them, and many did, that torture doesn’t produce credible results.

Furthermore, as a writer of fiction, I find it odd that someone in his position would see fit to comment on it and act is it was some insult.

Once more– not political. I am tired of people assuming they know where your stance is on everything if you speak out against a specific topic. Torture was wrong; I don’t care where you stand politically. If we can’t admit our mistakes we’re going to keep repeating them: aka Vietnam and then Afghanistan. But that’s another topic.