The Outfit

I really don’t want to give any spoilers so this is going to be short. I’ll just give my reactions. I liked it as I watched it, but when it ended I felt let down. I thought there were some big holes in the plot but it was obviously well written based on the scenes. I had trouble sleeping, thinking about it. Even had a dream that was connected. Then my wife and I talked about and we realized what we’d missed—and it was HUGE as we made sense of the plot holes, which aren’t holes. And what was shown but never really “used” but actually was representative of what the entire story was.

That is all.

Mark Rylance is excellent as the “cutter”, aka a tailor. It’s funny because my wife and I had just watched a documentary on Seville Row, so it was interesting to see a movie with a bespoke cutter as the protagonist.

Once you realize what the story really is, it is so obvious. But reading some reviews of the movie it seems that it is very hard to see.

Highly recommended and see what you make of it.