The three books of the Liz Danger series which we’ve been teasing people about for a long time now are finally available for pre-order. Not only that, but they will be out fast! Like really fast. Like Lavender’s Blue on 25 July. And four weeks later, Rest in Pink. And four weeks later, One in Vermillion.

We did get a traditional publishing offer on the books but it would have delayed the publication of the first book until fall 2024 and really, we couldn’t hold off inflicting this series on the world that long.

We’ll reveal covers in the next weeks.

And yes, they will be available in print as we get closer to each publication date.

We’re very excited about these books. We feel they get better as you get farther in (not that the start is bad, but the community builds). And Vince and Liz Danger have an interesting ride in their relationship and where they end up might be the conventional HEA, but we like it. And it is a HEA.

Nothing but good times ahead.