Forgotten Bttle

This new film from on Netflix might be billed as a Dutch version of Saving Private Ryan, but it’s more random than that. It’s billed as the story of three people who tragically interact, yet the reality is only two really interact, but that doesn’t matter. It’s more the story of how random war is and how life and death is capricious. Luck, impulse, and the cheapness of life is displayed in all its gory reality.

It follows a British glider pilot, a German soldier and a Dutch girl on an offshoot battle of Operation Market Garden, which was a failure and I cover in The Green Beret Guide to Seven Great Disaster III, which came out last month.

I followed the main path of Market Garden years ago, but was unaware of the specifics of the Battle of the Schedlt which occurred to the north, along the shipping channel to the key port the Allies needed access to for resupply.

It’s a bit like Saving Private Ryan in that one of the battle scenes approaches epic scale, but it’s mostly about the details of the daily lives of the three characters in the build up to and the actual battle.

An act as simple as throwing a rock can lead to multiple deaths and a forced betrayal. People face horrific choices, but interestingly, as in reality, often the choices are taken from them or they have to act spontaneously.