Irma Vep

We caught the first two episodes last night on HBO Max and were sucked in. We came in cold, not having seen the latest movie, but it was so good we didn’t even see our latest Westworld episode, which is saying a lot.

We’re looking forward to seeing the rest of the episodes. Right now, it’s mainly about an actress who comes to Paris to make a TV series, Irma Vep, and the weird people who surround the making of that series. Every character is well drawn. Particularly engaging is the director, Rene Vidal, played by Vincent Macaigne.

Alicia Vikander is great as the protagonist, Mira. She’s wonderful as herself, and when she’s playing Irma.

The show violates a supposed rule in Hollywood which is don’t make shows about Hollywood, but this is set in Paris, so. Plus there are plenty of great shows and movies in this vein. Episodes, starring Matt Leblanc as Matt Leblanc was hilarious. The Player is a classic.

Looking forward to eight more episodes.

Highly recommended.