I’m very excited about my next book coming out in November. Did you enjoy Grosse Pointe Blanke? RED? More so, did you enjoy Agnes and the Hitman? Shane and the Hitwoman picks up eight months after Agnes and the Hitman. It will be published on all platforms. I’m already working on the follow on to it, Phoebe and the Traitor. Also being developed, Shelter from the Storm, the next Will Kane book and an Area Study workbook. It’s going to be a busy several months of work for me, but I’m really thrilled about these projects.
The Green Beret Guide to Seven Great Disasters III publishes today. In celebration the first book in the series, Book I, is free today and tomorrow (4 and 5 October). It covers the Cascade events that caused the Titanic to sink, the New London Schoolhouse Explosion (the event which caused propane to have an odor added), Little Big Horn and more. On the last one, I never understood what really happened there until I visited the battlefield. Once I saw it, I understood. In the same manner, in the new book, I walked the Fetterman battlefield from where Fort Kearny once stood to where the troops were massacred. Also, SYNBAT, is free today and Walk on the Wild Side, the best reviewed of the Will Kane books is only .99 or Kindle Unlimited.
As the leaves change and the weather cools, we wish everyone to stay warm and safe! I began posting about my western trip but not long after I got back, the Wanderer, my Jeep Gladiator, died and is in the shop so it felt like bad karma. I’ll do more posts soon about a beautiful road out of Great Sand Dunes National Park; the pretty back road to Los Alamos; a dirt road that follows an old railroad line to a mining town in Colorado and walking with Scout to the Continental Divide above Moffat Tunnel– which some of you might remember from the climactic scene in Chasing the Ghost. We’ll still get up into the Smokies to enjoy this best time of year and we hope you enjoy the changes wherever you are!
Bob and Deb and Scout and Maggie