The first book in a new non-fiction series of Little Black Books comes out today.

Each of these books offer over 100 bite-sized snippets of information. Besides being informative, they make excellent gifts. As we hit graduation month, Life’s Little Black Book would be an excellent gift. It’s guaranteed there’s something you don’t know in it.

The Writer’s Little Black Book will be published on 10 June. I use my three decades of experience as a writer to point out mistakes I’ve seen, not only in the writing, but in selling books and the publishing business, and how to prevent those mistakes.

As always, there are other deals. Area 51: Interstellar is free ending today. Lawyers, Guns and Money, the second Will Kane book is only .99 and in Kindle Unlimited. The same for Valentines Day (Time Patrol).

The Green Beret Area Study Guidehas had a few reviews and all are positive. It really is an eye-opening way to look at where you live and learn about it from a different perspective. As we read the headlines regarding the effect of climate change, it becomes even more important.

On a more serious note, several people who have met her have said that Maggie is very intimidating, which is a big departure from Cool Gus. What we’ve realized is you can’t really see her eyes until she gets close. She’s also the fastest dog we’ve ever had. We thought Scout was fast, but Maggie runs circles around her. Of course, she’s actually very sweet and wouldn’t harm a thing although she’s getting closer and closer to that squirrel in the front yard. And every once in while I see her looking at me with the wolfish glint.

I hope everyone is enjoying the warming weather and staying safe!