Outer Range

Between this series and From, we have two new series that are definitely mind-twisting. I’ve already posted on From, which has completed its first season with perhaps more questions than answers, but was intriguing enough to warrant that next season.

I’ve watched through episode 4, all that’s out, of Outer Range, an Amazon Original. Which might even be weirder than From.

Quick notes: The acting in Outer Range is much better. From Josh Brolin down through the cast, it’s top notch. Will Patterson seems to be having a blast as the master of the Tillerson family and his singing son is a hoot.

I can’t even begin to explain the plot other than a hole appears in Brolin’s west pasture and it appears to be some kind of time/space portal. I can say it’s not a good idea to toss a body in there trying to hide it.

Tamara Podemski is excellent as the sheriff. In fact, most of the characters are relatively well-rounded which is good because it’s hard slogging to keep up with everything that’s happening. We know time is distorted somehow and we have to wonder where Brolin came from originally along with the girl who has shown up to camp near that pasture. Who is she? What does she want? What’s with the buffalo with the two arrows in it?

There’s also a daughter-in-law who has been missing for 9 months.

Tillerson is trying to grab the Abbott’s land, that very pasture, Yellowstone style.

Confused? This is one of those shows where every little detail counts, but we don’t know how. Brolin’s fall through the hole and his flash-forward two years is perhaps the most startling scene. Who knows what that means?

Further confused? Yeah. Me too. But it’s fun.

Anyway. Yes. Watch it. Recommended.