New York Minute
Kennedy Endeavor

Today only, New York Minute, the first book in the Will Kane series, and Area 51: Invasion, which is part of the Area 51 series but can stand on its own as an epic story of alien invasion, and The Kennedy Endeavor, a thriller based on history, are all free.

Additionally, Equinox, a Time Patrol story is only .99 or Kindle Unlimited.

Coming up this month are two new releases:

The Green Beret Area Study Workbook, which is a companion guide to The Green Beret Preparation and Survival Guide. The workbook walks you through looking at your situation and your Area of Operations, the world around you, from the perspective of preparation and survival. It also contains detailed checklists for dealing with natural and man-made disasters. You’ll never look at the world around you the same way. I am currently working with a production company on a proposal for a reality show based on this.

The Green Beret Guide to Great Disasters combines all three previous disaster books in one. 21 of the greatest disasters are detailed with the Cascade Events that led to each one. By examining those, we can learn how to prevent future disasters.

We hope everyone is staying warm and safe.

Spring will soon be here!