DATE: 9 September 1973

MISSION: Santiago Chili


Dane wrote the fifth mission on the board: Eleven September 1973, Santiago, Chile.

“A sad chapter in our history,” Edith said. “There was a coup in Chile on that day. A democratically elected president was overthrown. The problem is that it’s been speculated that the U.S. had a strong hand in the coup. It’s certain Kissinger was not a fan of President Allende. Certain corporate interests, primarily ITT, were worried that Allende would nationalize their interests. The CIA poured millions of dollars into opposition groups, but Allende was still elected. As far as the actual coup, it’s believed that the U.S. Military Group based in Valparaiso advised the Chilean military on how to pull it off. And that the head of the MILGROUP even killed a reporter who knew too much.”

“Did he?” Ivar asked.

“A Chilean judge indicted the Navy Captain in command forty years later,” Dane said, “but nothing came of it. It was later discovered he had passed away a few years earlier.”

“Did he?” Ivar repeated. “I’ve picked up from my teammates how the covert world works. If the CIA and the military was behind the coup, your analysts here know.”

Dane nodded. “The CIA poured money into the military along with ITT. In fact, later that month, on the 28th, a bomb went off at ITT’s corporate headquarters in New York, as retaliation for Allende’s death. As far as MILGROUP’s involvement they definitely advised the Chilean military.

“But what’s key is what happened that day. You’re going to Santiago, the capitol. Early in the morning, military forces surrounded the Presidential Palace and placed it under siege. It’s reported that Allende chose to kill himself, rather than surrender.”

DATE: 9 September 1776

MISSION: The Staten Island Peace Conference


Doc,” Dane said. “11 September 1776, Staten Island, New York. You’re going to meet some old acquaintances. John Adams and Benjamin Franklin.” Dane nodded to Edith, letting her do the history, but Doc interrupted before she could get started.

“They’ll recognize me,” Doc said. “I showed up on the Fourth, talked them into shelving the Declaration of Emancipation, then disappeared. Franklin specifically said he wanted to talk to me the next day. They might not be too happy to see me pop in again.”

“They might not,” Dane agreed, his tone indicating it didn’t really matter to him.

Doc sighed and turned to Edith. She framed the mission. “The British had just taken Long Island, pushing Washington back to Manhattan Island, or York Island as it was known then. Admiral Howe, and his brother, General Howe, decided to make a diplomatic gesture. They sent an American officer they had captured to Philadelphia. He presented Congress with the invitation to send representatives to meet with the Howe Brothers. The problem was that the Howe’s didn’t really have the power from the King to do much of anything. And Congress knew it.”

“So why meet?” Doc asked.

“I think the attitude on both sides was: why not?” Edith said. “Congress sent Adams, Franklin and Edward Rutledge, but gave them no authority to make any sort of deal either. In fact, adding Rutledge to the mix, was a strange decision. He was the youngest signer of the Declaration of Independence, but also one of the leaders in forcing the Committee of Five to remove the section on slavery.”

“If nothing happened,” Doc said, “why am I going?”

“Because something will happen,” Dane said. “Something that isn’t supposed to.”

“To quote Roland,” Doc said: “Whatever.”

That brought a chuckle from the team, breaking the tenseness for the moment.

“It’s 1776,” Edith said. “The Revolutionary War would go on for another seven years, although none of those at the Peace Conference know it. They also don’t know how it will turn out. At that time, the British had also begun bringing in Hessian Mercenaries in large numbers. Things were in a curious balance. The British had been driven out of Boston, but Washington had been pushed off Long Island. Manhattan was in the balance.”

DATE: 9 September 1857 A.D.

MISSION: Mountain Meadows


Early in September 1857, a California-bound wagon train of emigrants from Arkansas was passing through southwest Utah. Tensions were high between the Federal government and the Mormons. There was fear that martial law would be declared and Brigham Young, the head of the Mormons, would be removed as governor.On September Seventh the Baker-Fancher party was attacked by a party of local Mormons and some Native American allies. The Mormons were dressed as Indians in an attempt to disguise their culpability. The wagons were circled and the emigrants defended themselves for several days. Finally, with ammunition, food and water running low, two Mormons along with an Indian agent and a militia officer offered the emigrants a truce. They assured the emigrants they would be escorted safely back to Cedar City in exchange for giving up their weapons, and turning over all their cattle and supplies to the Indians. The offer was accepted.The men were escorted from the camp separately, a single Mormon with each man. At a pre-arranged single, those Mormons shot the man next to them in the head. At the same time, Mormons and Indians attacked the rest of the party, killing women and children. The only ones spared were seventeen children under the age eight. Thirty-five other children older than that were killed.The total was one hundred and twenty killed.What if . . .

Nine Eleven

Same date; six different years, the Time Patrol must save our timeline from the Shadow by preserving our past.

Nine-Eleven is a day that reverberates in our collective conscious. But is a date of significance throughout history.

On 9-11-9 A.D., three Roman legions were annihilated by an alliance of Germanic tribes; the Romans would never again attempt to expand east of the Rhine River.

On 9-11 1973, a military coup in Chile, engineered by the United States, toppled the elected President and eventually brought Pinochet to power.

On 9-11-1857, over 100 emigrants were slaughtered in the Mountain Meadows Massacre in Utah.On 9-11-2001, over 3,000 Americans were killed in the word terrorist attack in our history.All of these events, and others on the same day, are being manipulated by the SHADOW in an attempt to change our history.

It is up to the Time Patrol to send an agent back to six different years on Nine Eleven and make sure our timeline remains intact. If they fail, our present will snap out of existence!