Meet the Time Patrol Team

A group of highly skilled individuals


Moms is a West Pointer. She comes from one of those dark, desolate farmhouses you see on the horizon while racing across Kansas on I-70. The kind of place Truman Capote would only pay attention to if everyone inside had been slaughtered.


The youngest team member. First met the group when they were the Nightstalkers and Scout was a teenager. She has a rare gift, the Sight, which makes her different. How exactly, isn’t quite clear year.


Roland is six-four, two hundred and forty pounds of trained killer. He has a livid scar on his forehead, partially covered by a barbed wire tattoo. He is devoted to Moms, who saved his life long ago and far away on a combat deployment. Lately, he has been spending time with Neeley, a stone-cold killer from the Cellar.


Doc’s parents both emigrated to the States from India. His bookish appearance is always out of place among his fellow Nightstalker along with his multiple PhDs. He wants to understand things; before his team-mates destroy whatever it is.


Eagle is African-American, tall and completely hairless. The entire left side of his head is covered scar tissue from an IED in Iraq. He is the team’s memory, able to recall innumerable facts, both relevant and not.


Ivar is still struggling after one of his missions where he was duplicated over and over again.


Lara is the newest Time Patrol Team Member. The team is still learning about who Lara really is and what her role will be on the team. What happened to her on the Fifth Floor? How did she get all those scars on her skull?