Between all the parallel timelines is a connecting point: the Space Between. It is an enclosed space, the size of which no one knows. In the middle is a large body of water, extending as far as one could see before fading out in the haze. Composes of black water, the surface a mirror, unruffled. There are numerous black columns extending up, out of the water into the haze above. Their surfaces shimmer with power, indicating they aren’t solid. These are Gates connecting various timelines and times, but how they work, who controls them, how to traverse them is a mystery to our timeline. Any unprotected person who enters is burned to death. Yet, they are traversed by other timelines, most notably, the Shadow.

The beach surrounding the center sea and the land beyond is composed of a black granular material, similar to sand, but there is something off about. On the beach, in either direction, as far as one can see, are derelict craft, including some lost in the infamous “Bermuda Triangle” such as Flight 19 and the USS Cyclops. But the craft span the breadth of history, going back, beyond the Phoenicians, to include even a mysterious long boat from Atlantis itself.

There are refugees from destroyed timelines eking out an existence in the Space Between. We have contact with Amelia Earhart, not of our timeline, but one that was wiped out. She leads a band of survivors, trying to unravel the truth of the place and how to traverse timelines, because one day we hope to go from the defensive and take our battle to the Shadow’s timeline and end this once and for all!

For more on Atlantis and how an Earth timeline much like our own battled the Shadow, you can read the Atlantis series.

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