Today we remember fallen comrades. I think of two team-mates, Jim and Dave, who were KIA on deployments but didn’t know it until years later when disease that can be traced directly to toxins they were exposed to during combat deployments ravaged their bodies and took them slowly. May they finally rest in peace.

ODA 055

In honor of Memorial Day, today and tomorrow only, 31 May and 1 June, the Green Beret Preparation and Survival Guide is free on Kindle.

Today is the last day for Black Tuesday at .99. Valentines Day (Time Patrol) is also free today. And the latest Area 51 book, Earth Abides is only .99

On a sad note, Cool Gus passed away peacefully this past week. He was the kindest and most mellow dog ever. I can’t recall him ever barking aggressively at another dog, never mind a person. His calm and loving presence is greatly missed. We have Scout and new addition, Maggie, a long-haired German Shepherd who we received a call about and immediately drove to South Carolina to get. We sponsor a working dog for veterans every year and Maggie was supposed to fulfill that, but the veteran said he couldn’t take her at the last moment and she also has a problem with a left eye that will eventually require surgery so we got her since all her siblings were gone and she was heading to a kennel. We’d sworn no more puppies, but Scout wouldn’t have done alone well since she’s always a little bit scared. They’re already running around together like nuts and playing hard, so it’s working out well.

Take a moment and remember the fallen and enjoy your day off!


And Scout

And Maggie