Outer Limits

This is one of the basics of preparation, yet many of us fail to do this.

Scan and securely store in cloud and on thumb drive the following documents.

Then put the documents in a mobile, fireproof secure box. Make sure you scan BOTH sides of all cards

   Birth Certificates
   Home insurance documents
   Car insurance documents and registration
   Health insurance documents/Medical Cards/ Medical Records/glass prescriptions
   Employment records
   Tax returns
   Drivers licenses
   Social Security Card
   Back-up ID (student ID, military, DD214,VA, etc.)
   Credit Cards
   Medical history
   Power of attorney
   Concealed carry license
   Important phone numbers
   Marriage License
   At least one statement from all financial accounts with account #, phone number, address, etc.
   All military and VA records
   Thumb drive with video of house and all contents
   Video of everything in house, all rooms, all drawers open, all closet contents, basement, garage, attic, including art work
   Vet records for your pets, including rabies and other information; would be needed for boarding

The Green Beret Preparation and Survival Guide