That sounds so simple, yet just today I read an article while researching about a family killed because they refused a mandatory evacuation for Hurricane Sandy. Their house had been robbed when they evacuated previously and they didn’t want that to happen again. What happened this time makes a robbery look like such a not bad thing. Hurricanes, unlike tornados, move slowly. So you will have warning and time to get away.
A slideshow on this and other free survival information is available HERE.

Most of the preparation for a hurricane you’ve already done in preparing your house. There are some special actions you can add:

Board and tape windows. Plywood is best for covering window. For taping, use alligator tape, not duct tape. Masking tape is not useful.

Fasten your roof down to the house with tie down straps. Really long ones. You need to have these on hand before the hurricane is coming.

Turn off gas and/or propane.

Clear away debris that can be picked up and smash into the house and windows.

Secure all outdoor furniture. If you have a pool, put the furniture into the water.

Make sure your garage doors are closed.

Looking at the deaths from Hurricane Sandy, over half of them were from falling trees/limbs. Make sure the trees around your house are properly trimmed and if old and unstable, pay to have them removed. It’s worth your life and your family’s lives.

As the storm approaches, turn your freezer and refrigerator to their coldest settings.

Pack any coolers with as much ice as possible. Use them first instead of opening the refrigerator door. If you grew up like I did, your dad was always yelling at your for opening the fridge door anyway.

Fill bathtubs with water.

Make sure all vehicles are topped off.

Know where the closest shelter is for you and for your pets.

If you have to evacuate leave a note saying where you are going.

Unplug everything before leaving.

Turn off electricity, gas and water.

After the hurricane passes, beware of flooding.

Use flashlights or chem lights, never candles.

Do not use tap water after the storm until you are sure it isn’t contaminated.


If you did not evacuate and it strikes, then you are in tornado mode. Go back a couple of pages ago and do what’s listed.