FREE today only: 2 books in one. Special Ops 2.
This is The Jefferson Allegiance and Chasing the Ghost in one bundle. Today, 12 May only.

Also, I have a limited number of free Audible download codes for the first Area 51 book. If interested, email me at and I’ll give them away until I run out.

Don’t forget that New York Minute is coming on 24 June. I’m very psyched about this book, which is a prelude to the Green Beret series, set in New York City in 1977. The ebook and print pre-order are live and, for those interested in audio, the audio is already live.

I’m currently completing the follow-on book, Lawyers, Guns and Money and it will be published 90 days after New York Minute. Which will be followed 90 days later by Old Soldiers, a current day Green Beret book. Which will then be followed by Walk on the Wild Side, which goes back to Will Kane in 1977.

Nothing but good times ahead!

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!