The pre-orders for my next two books: Area 51: Earth Abides and Hell of a Town are now live. While they’re set for June 2020, both books will be out earlier and the live date will be moved up as I get closer to completion.

I’m excited about both books. Earth Abides will provide some key answers to the Area 51 series. It picks up after the Swarm invasion of Earth has failed, but the planet is in dire straits.

Hell of a Town, from the song, New York, New York, is set a year after Walk on the Wild Side, which comes out 9 December. Will Kane gets caught up in the underbelly of New York City in 1978. Literally. He has to descend into the city below the city to root out a a group of brutal killers. What he discovers, though, goes far beyond what he fears.

Beyond those three, I plan on releasing the 4th book in the Duty, Honor, Country series.

Nothing but good times ahead!