My review of the material available on being reasonably prepared for man-made and natural disasters uncovered a plethora of confusing and often contradictory information. It’s not because people are trying to deliberately be confusing, but rather because there are so many variables for every possible scenario.

That’s why one of the first things a person must do is an Area Study. But even before that, there are four items everyone should have: first aid kit, 2 cases of water per person in the household, an emergency radio and a survival manual that has first aid information in it.

I cover that here in a free slideshow on this page, where there a bunch.

Of course, I have The Green Beret Preparation and Survival Guide which will walk you through all the steps, including the Area Study and then give options on how well prepared you want to be, from a mild level to extreme. It allows you to focus on your greatest threats.

I’ve also put Appendix A : All checklists and links to gear and Appendix B: Free Apps on my web site where you can go and download both for free in either pdf; mobi (for Kindle) or epub for other ereaders.

Please avail yourself of this free information.

It can save you life and the lives of those you love.

At the very least, being prepared will give you peace of mind.