Facts are facts.

  1. There is no vaccine for COVID-19
  2. We are over 110,000 confirmed deaths due to COVID-19. The true number, given we know many states are suppressing numbers (see Florida) is probably closer to 150,000 when you compare death rates from other years.
  3. We have no Federal policies regarding any aspect of the pandemic. There is inadequate testing and tracing, all delegated to states.
  4. The Federal pandemic task force was disbanded, even though we are still in the first wave of the pandemic.
  5. Cases are rising in over half the states, mostly ones that re-opened without a plan.
  6. No one is immune from COVID-19. Even if one is asymptomatic, you can still spread it to others.
  7. The response to the pandemic at the Federal level was completely bungled and remains incoherent. In essence, nonexistent.
  8. It is likely we will not have an effective vaccine until 2021.
  9. The United States has a strong anti-vax movement.
  10. Our president is holding an indoor rally this weekend with 20,000 people.

What will happen:

Cases will continue to go up. There’s no way around that. We’ll see a death rate of 5,000 a day in a month or so.

Total deaths? Conservatively? A half million directly. Possibly, based on science and math, a million.

That’s direct deaths. We also are already experiencing secondary deaths and that numbers will continue to rise. These are deaths from people who aren’t going to the doctor, who aren’t getting checkups and blood tests like they normally would. Fatal diseases and conditions that would have been detected, will not be.

While the stock market is rallying, we are in the first stage of a bottom-up depression. What that means is that eventually the wealthy-heavy economy will topple.

What can we do?

Protect yourself. Minimize the amount of time around other people, particularly indoors.

WEAR A MASK. One of the most interesting things to occur is the hairdresser who tested positive after working with a number of people; none of whom contracted it because the hairdresser wore mask. Give a shit about people!

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