As a fiction writer, we often discuss “suspension of disbelief”. What that means is getting the reader so caught up in the story, that they don’t stop and go: “Wait! That’s not real.”

As we see General Mattis finally weighing in on matters, it’s another day requiring suspension of disbelief in listening to the president’s narrative. As he does with almost all people who formerly worked for him, Trump immediately took to Twitter to denigrate General Mattis. Which requires one to not believe all the speeches, tweets, and other times Trump praised the man. Those weren’t true, apparently. We’re to believe this narrative.  

Trump always claims to bring in the best people and then calls them the worst people afterward. There’s a disconnect there somewhere. Both cannot be true. It’s sad to watch the suspension of disbelief among his supporters as they defend his narrative with lies, distortions and inevitable “what about”; as if someone else were president RIGHT NOW. Because RIGHT NOW is the issue.

What’s also requiring suspension of disbelief is the outright lies Trump tells on a daily basis. Lies that are so easily proved wrong. Lies he doesn’t need to tell; but he must, or else the fragile world around his ego would crumble.

Trump is so ignorant he doesn’t even know he’s a traitor. I’m thinking some of his supporters are smarter. I wonder how they feel siding with that? I learned a lot about U.S. Grant writing my Duty, Honor, Country books. Two things struck me about him early in his life: first, that he freed the only slave that his wife brought into the marriage, even though he was destitute at the time. Two, is that he viewed the Mexican War as imperialistic and evil. And three, because I’m a fan of Spinal Tap (awesome band!), the statement at the very top about traitors and patriots. I’ve been saying it for a couple of years now and I stand by it. Supporting Trump is not supporting to Constitution or the United States. It’s that simple.

BTW: D-Day (Time Patrol) is free today and through 6 June.

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