The usual lines are being drawn: for and against protests. The difference this time is that we have a president actively inciting violence. It’s all he has. He doesn’t think beyond the next news cycle. He loves chaos and when we need calm leadership, his instinct is to throw gasoline on the chaos.

When he was elected, I told my wife he would surround himself with incompetence and graft in his cabinet. Why? So those people would deflect attention from his own incompetence and graft. And it has worked for over three years now.

This is about race; our original sin as a country was incorporating slavery into the Constitution. A single amendment can’t change what runs through the document. From the electoral college to the second amendment, slavery still reeks in it.

It also about wealth inequality. When our president has a fund raiser planned where a single seat costs half a million dollars, how much voice does the average person have?

It is going to get worse. Those who remember Kent State know what’s coming. Scared people with live rounds will eventually fire them. On top of that, this president praised armed rioters in state capitols as good people who need to be listened to. Seriously?

And the president also likes that these riots deflect attention from over 100,00 deaths. The number, of course, is undercounted. There still is no Federal plan on testing, on anything to do with it. He literally said he doesn’t take responsibility. A stunning statement. But he also was on tape saying he sexually assaults women and people still voted for him. So.

I’ve been attacked by people who label me and suppose they know every position I have simply because I speak out against a man who wouldn’t be allowed, as an eight year old, to say and do what he does on the school playground.

There are people whose instinct on seeing someone hurt and killed to feel empathy. And those who feel the person deserved it. That is the dividing line. Where does each American stand?

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