The official death toll passed 100,000 in the United States today. We know its vastly under-counting in many ways. For example, pneumonia deaths in Florida this past month were recorded at five times the rate they were a year ago. The same is true all across the country. A number of dead, who were not tested, don’t get tested and added to the list. They’re just written off.

A number of states are suppressing their counts for various reasons, none of them valid. Mainly political.

We still have no coordinated Federal response on any aspect of this and we won’t have one under this administration. This is criminal. Frankly, it’s murder.

Yesterday I watched the ball fields where I’d been taking Gus and Scout, crowded with kids and their parents practicing for the first time. Not a mask in sight. Yet, I also just spotted a buried article in the local news that three workers at a local Krogers had tested positive. A week ago. Yet the “official” count from the state for our county has remained flat. Something’s not adding up.

It’s going to get bad. Very bad, in June. The craziness of this past holiday weekend is going to light fires in a lot of places.

There are other things going on that will add to the disruption. A mentally ill president is on top of that list. He takes no responsibility and has delegated responsibility to the states but fails to support them and in many cases, publicly incites revolt against the governors. This is unprecedented in our history. It has also killed people and will kill many more.

Things will never go back to normal. It’s very likely COVID-19 will become endemic. Those who are protesting masks and restrictions are in for a rude surprise.

We’ve also learned we had an Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist attack here in the States last year that killed Americans. Surprisingly, all the Benghazi screamers have been amazingly silent about it. It was perpetrated by a Saudi military officer, yet we also know our president and sec. of state have fast-tracked arms to that same country.

I’m picking up a bad vibe. People are getting short-tempered. Trump cultists are digging in deeper because, like him, they cannot ever admit they are wrong. No matter how many have died. What we cannot do is allow that minority of people to sway us into becoming what we are not. The majority of people are decent, caring human beings. But it is too easy to let that vocal minority gain too much sway.

We are better than this. And we are on our own. We must take care of ourselves, our loved ones and each other.

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