We are undergoing a psychological condition called ‘derealization’. It’s a dissociative disorder which involves disruptions or breakdowns of memory, consciousness, awareness, identity, and/or perception. It’s reported that half of all adults have a derealization episode in their life, but only 2% suffer from it to an extent they are diagnosed with it and need treatment.

Right now, almost all of us are going through an episode of it. If we’re aware of reality, that is. You’d almost be more crazy not to be experiencing it.

Are you experiencing the following?

Detached from your environment.

Distorted perception of time, space, and size of things around you.

Feeling of unreality from the world around you, as if in a dream or trance.

Feeling as if everything is foggy, fuzzy, or warped.

Sense of being disconnected from those around you as if you’re trapped in a bubble.

Thoughts of going crazy or being very ill.

Yeah. Thought so. Who are you, anyway? Are you really there?

Even Cool Gus is looking a little dazed and confused.

I’ve been thinking about how extroverts and introverts are handling lockdown. The obvious is that it’s hard on extroverts (75% of the population) because they’re isolated. But it’s also hard on introverts because they tend to absorb the vibes of the world around them more than extroverts. Not only are introverts having their own sense is unreality, they’re picking it up from others.

The primary treatment for derealization is therapy. Secondary treatment, according to Cool Gus, is scratching a dog’s belly and giving them treats. If there is no dog, cats are not a substitute; (according to Cool Gus, don’t blame me).

The biggest thing to realize is that you’re not alone and you’re not crazy. Frankly, right now, the world is pretty crazy!

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